My Husband Finally Understands That He is the One with a Problem

For a lot of years, I have had trouble with my husband assuming that I am cheating. Most would probably think that when someone is accused of something over and over, that there has to be some truth to it. That is not the case here. The thing that finally saved our marriage was an Instagram hack that my hubby utilize to take a look at my account. It is the one thing that made him realize that he may have a problem with assuming incorrect things. I say that it saved our marriage because I was getting ready to leave him. I could no longer take the incessant accusations that weren’t true.

Early on in our relationship, I was dating a variety of different guys. One of those guys was my current husband. I had not promised any of the guys that I was dating that I would be in a relationship with only one person. To be frank, I told everyone that I was dating that I wasn’t looking for a long-term boyfriend and that I just wanted to have fun and date. After dating my current husband for quite some time, however, he took that to me that we were boyfriend and girlfriend. He then thought I was cheating. I broke up with him then because I didn’t need that kind of trouble.

We later got back together when he came to me to apologize and realized he was out of line. The next year, I married him. Within three years, he was back at it again with the accusations. Nothing I said made him believe me. I was through trying. What changed is that he found the hack that let him look at my account to see that I had no secrets and did nothing but talk to my girlfriends in private messages. He realized then that he had a problem with imagining things.