I Had Whiplash As a Result of an Accident

I was going to the store to get a few groceries when a car ran a red light and hit me. I had no idea that I would end up in the hospital instead of the dairy aisle at the store that day, which just goes to show how fragile life can be. Anyway, I was quite lucky that I was not hurt worse than what I was. I was diagnosed with whiplash, which was bad enough! The first thing I did when I got home was go to http://baggotlaw.com/whiplash-claims/.

I knew that I needed help because the person that hit me was the son of a very prominent politician. I knew that he would have excellent counsel, so I wanted to make sure that I did too. It was absolutely his fault that the accident happened, but I knew that it could be construed that I was to blame unless I had a good solicitor on my side too. It was actually one of the officers on scene who had told me about Baggot Law, which is how I knew which website to go to when I got home.

I was able to contact a solicitor from Baggot Law quickly, and I explained what had happened to me. I answered all of his questions, and then I explained how I had went to the hospital and was diagnosed with whiplash as well as a few other minor issues. He was able to get me sorted on how to fill out the claim, and I was able to get everything started that day. I am so glad that the officer suggested that I do this, because the driver at fault did try to get out of accepting blame. Thankfully, I had a good solicitor, and he was able to make sure that the driver took full responsibility for his careless actions.