My Son Brought Bed Bugs Home

I never thought I would ever need to hire a company that does bed bug removal in NYC, but that is exactly what I did not long ago. My son had gone to a sleepover at a friend’s house, and he must have brought them back from there. We didn’t even realize it was bed bugs until we did some research on the bites that were appearing on our arms. When I saw that it was bed bugs, I got very agitated because I had heard that they are hard to get rid of.

That is why I wanted to have a professional company come out and help me with this issue. I had read on social media different home remedies that would help eliminate them, but there were just as many stories saying to not mess with anything other than an expert’s help. Otherwise, they may not be completely gone, and the cycle would just start again. I was able to find a company that handles bed bug infestations, and I contacted them after reading their website. I read about the process that they use in making sure that they are gone, which is the main reason I contacted them.

They obviously know what they are doing, and I wanted them at my house as quick as yesterday. Thankfully, they were able to come out pretty fast, and they started the process of making sure the bed bugs would become history sooner rather than later. My son and I left them to it, and they were able to treat every area of our small apartment. They used a chemical treatment as well as a steam vapor treatment. They also came out a second time to retreat everything, and we have had no signs of bed bugs since they have done this.