Wool Rugs at Very Affordable Prices

I like area rugs on our floors at home. Hardwood floors are easy to clean and maintain, but areas rugs are necessary to cut down on noise and they feel good under your feet. They also break up the pattern of the floor to give you a space to show off a nice geometric shape in a rug and its color. The floor kind of acts like a frame around rug art. I prefer wool rugs. They are durable and I like natural fiber products. My favorite of all the ones we have is one that looks like a stone path with sand joints between the large stones.

Another favorite of our wool rugs is Abstract Collage Red. It looks so cool in our daughter’s room. We have a really big wool rug in the living room. It is the reForm Patchwork Kelim 2 one at the website. I like the vibrant colors. There are so many available in all sizes, shapes and colors. The geometric pattern designs seem to be vast. Plus, you can get solid color ones too. I have never seen wool rugs be so affordable. I only buy from this place.

Local stores have a few rugs made of wool, but the website where I get them has a huge selection. You can even get shaggy wool ones. I like the smaller ones that I can switch out for different occasions and seasons. At our house we have the ones we leave out daily, and I have some in storage that we put out when we are entertaining. You cannot do that with carpeting that is installed. This way, we can have rugs that look brand new and stay that way every time we entertain. I just store them by rolling them up and placing them in a closet.