The Signs Aren’t Always Obvious

When it comes to relationships, I can sometimes be oblivious to any problems. In my most recent relationship, my girlfriend was acting strangely, but I didn’t notice it until my friends pointed it out to me. They usually pick up on things way before I do. They noticed that my girlfriend had become more distant and less affectionate. They had a feeling that she was cheating on me with someone else. I didn’t want to believe it, but it was a possibility. They said that if I used a snapchat hacker, I could probably figure out if she was sending messages to someone that she didn’t want anyone else to know about.

I didn’t even think my girlfriend had a Snapchat account or even knew how to use one. My friends were sure that she probably had one and just didn’t say anything about it. My girlfriend uses a common name for all of her accounts, so we checked to see if an account with that name existed on Snapchat, and it did. I saw lot of pictures of my girlfriend doing sexy poses, and even one where she was flashing her chest. I had never seen any of these photos, because they had never been sent to me.

The most definite form of proof that she was cheating was one picture where she held a piece of paper that mentioned loving some guy named Bill. I was sad and furious at the same time. I called my girlfriend and told her to come over to my apartment. When I brought up the subject of bill, she broke down and told me everything while sobbing tears. She said it just happened one day, but nothing really just happens without anyone letting it happen. We broke up that day and I never looked back.